The Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) have finally marked down the list of nominees for the Supreme Court chief justice position left by former Chief Justice Corona. In the tally posted by JBC, the 20 nominees are now down to 8.

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Controversial among the disqualified nominees is 'Justice Secretary Leila de Lima', who happens to have a pending disbarment cases at the Supreme court that's why her nomination is trashed by JBC.

Tally sheet below shows that the 8 nominees out of 20 got five to seven votes from the council, and they are;

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Antonio Carpio
Acting Chief justice Antonio Carpio = 7 votes

Roberto Afan Abad
SC Associate justice Roberto Abad = 6 votes

Arturo Brion
SC Associate justice Arturo Brion = 6 votes

Francis Jardeleza
Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza = 6 votes

Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno = 6 votes

Ronaldo Zamora
Former San Juan representative Ronaldo Zamora = 6 votes

Teresita De Castro
SC associate justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro = 5 votes

Cesar Villanueva
Former Ateneo De Manila University College of Law Dean Cesar Villanueva = 5 votes

The list seen on the images above will be submitted to President Benigno Aquino III and with it he'll name the next Chief Justice after 2-weeks.

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