Unlimited Crispy Pata at C2 Classic Cuisine

Do you want more? Well, C2 Classic Cuisine will give you more and more and more Crispy Pata. Yes! you read it right, "Unlimited Crispy Pata," because diet is not allowed. But wait, before you decide to go to C2 Classic Cuisine, make sure your destination is to Greenhills, Unlimited Crispy Pata at C2 Classic Cuisine is available only at Greenhills branch for now.

Image From: facebook.com/C2.Philippines

Image From: facebook.com/C2.Philippines

C2 Classic Cuisine is a affiliate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila. The promo is priced at P299 per person, and P199 for those who would book in advance.

Image From: facebook.com/C2.Philippines

Here's the other branches of C2 Classic Cuisine as follows:

C2 at Cravings Center Katipunan: 426.6681 to 87
C2 Shangri-La: 636.1510
C2 Megamall: 470.1149
C2 Midtown: 567.2402
C2 Greenhills: 723.2347
C2 Summit Ridge Hotel Tagaytay

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