Smart Communications announced their latest and newest promo, the "Smart TRI-NET30," exclusively for it's Millions of prepaid subscribers and still counting. Every Smart users can avail the 200 All-Net text messages and 10 mb data of internet! to all networks such as Smart, Talk ‘N Text, TM, Globe and SUN Cellular) and with 50 tri-net calls consumable minutes to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and SUN Cellular users for more days validity.

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Here's the key on how to activate Smart TRI-NET30, just follow the instruction below:

TRINET30  with 1 day  validity send to 2477

TRINET100 with 7 days validity send to 2477
TRINET200 with 15 days validity send to 2477
TRINET400 with 30 days validity send to 2477 

To use the 50 tri-net mins calls just type  *2477+11-digit Smart/TNT/Red #.

Example: *247709181234567

But wait there's more, if you like to try the TRI-NET UNLI 40! which features Unli SMS to Smart, Sun, TNT plus Unli calls to Smart, Sun, TNT plus Unli FB (Via Mobile Application and using your Java capable handset), and valid for 1 day only.

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