This night, the 20 finalist of X Factor Philippines finally met their judge-mentor before they go straight to the live show. According to what I've watched a moment ago, the 20 finalist will be brought down to 12 next week for the live show on stage.

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First judge who met the group his going to mentor is judge Martin Nievera. He'll be handling the 'Boys' group for this round. Followed by Pilita Corales who'll be handling the 'Above 25' group. Third that was announced is judge Gary Valenciano who will be handling the 'Group', and as for Charice Pempengco, she'll be handling the 'Girls' group on this round.

Each judge-mentor have their own co-judge for this round, on Martin's side is the journey vocalist 'Allan Pineda'. For Pilita is 'Rico J. Puno'. Charice got a foreign co-judge named 'Chesa', while Gary V. is with Jed Madela.

This 4 co-judges together with the original judges of X Factor Philippines will choose 12 finalist over the current top 20 finalist. They will bring out the best of the best performances from this finalist.

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