Today is the day that every Filipino nationwide will hear the 3rd State of the Nation Address of our very own President Benigno 'NoyNoy' Aquino III live at the Batasan Pambansa in Commonwealth, Quezon City, 3 p.m.

Everyone here in the Philippines and abroad are all eager to hear President PNoy's report in what has happen in his term for the past 3 years. What has he done for the economy to grow? And, what does he do to stop the corruption and poverty in our country?

Many people, most students are also waiting for the 'SONA (State of the Nation Address) Transcript' written in exact way the President report it to the public. The official statement will be written here in Tagalog and English version for the benefits of all students nationwide.

Meanwhile, to those schools that will be affected due to the traffic 'cause by the President's convoy on the way to Batasan, LGU or Local Government Unit in Quezon City announced the few schools that are canceled for this day, click this link to know what schools are suspended.

So, for more updates about the 3rd SONA of President Aquino, bookmark this page and I'll deliver you the latest as soon as an available information is provided. Thank you for reading, God Bless!!

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