The 8th eviction night is set tonight as the Pinoy Big Brother Teens finale grows nearer. Four teens are nominated to be evicted this week, they are Myrtle, Ryan, Yves and Karen.

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And among the four nominated  there will be only one evictee, and I'm sorry to tell this but "Yves Flores," is the eight evictee. He didn't make it to the Big night.

Yves Flores, 18,. the “Masunuring Son of Tarlac,” he said he makes it a point to get home early because he has a 7:00 p.m. curfew.

He only got 18.03 percent of votes, the lowest vote among four nominated.

Goodbye for now Yves, let your journey continue outside the real world, hope you continue your studying.

It's fifteen more days to go before the Teen Big Night.

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