From being biggest selling gaming console in north part of America, Now! Xbox 360 console is the most popular console worldwide, according to Microsoft’s Don Mattrick announced in the Microsoft E3 event.

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Kinect peripheral – the fastest selling gadget of all time which was released few years ago, made Xbox 360 popularity grow faster as usual leaving behind Playstaion 3 at it's last pick so with Nintendo’s Wii console.

Kinect functionality allows gamers to interact themselves into the games movement, in which also based around an ideal first brought to the market by the Nintendo’s Wii.

Redmondpie site said, "From the summit of the console industry, the Xbox shows no sign of resting on its laurels, and there are plenty of new features and titles also coming this fall. Mattrick’s supposition that there’s not been a better time to own an Xbox look pretty close to the mark, as the show reel began by introducing a heap of new games and features for the console."

Tech site added, "Although the Xbox 360 is expected to be superseded some time in the next year or so, the console still clearly has plenty to offer in not just gaming, but entertainment. "

Meanwhile, Microsoft is now looking forward to push as many consoles in a living rooms as possible, as to introduced its subscription model Xbox + Kinect + LIVE package entertainment.

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