Miami Heat won on Game 4, as they are now leading in the game with standing of 3-1, just another game away and they will be the NBA Finals 2012 Champion. What do you think? Is Okclahoma Thunder will get the Game 5 or that is the day of Heat celebration?

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Miami Heat defeated Oklahoma City Thunder with the score of 104-98 in Game 4 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Tuesday, June 19, 2012.

As ESPN reported, "LeBron James and Serge Ibaka were both on the NBA's All-Defensive Team this season, but Ibaka is not impressed with James' skills on that end of the court."

Ibaka (OKC Thunder's power forward) said, "not a good defender" and that "he can play defense for two or three minutes but not 48 minutes."

James said, "I don't really care what he says, he's stupid," "Everyone says something to me every series, then (the media) tries to get a quote. It's stupid."

For the complete NBA Finals 2012 scores from Game 1 to 4, you may refer to this link.

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