Actress host Anne Curtis who is currently in the United States, shared her experienced through Twitter when she and Hollywood "Friends" actress Jennifer Aniston shared in an elevator.

Anne Curtis and Jennifer Aniston shared in an elevator
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Anne Curtis official Twitter account posted, "And I just shared an elevator with Jennifer Aniston!!! OMG! I was speechless!!! As in isang malambot na 'Hi' lang nasabi ko!!!!."

According to the report, Anne Curtis is doing an international project but she denied the issue that she's doing a Hollywood film.

She also tweeted that she misses Manila and all her friends in "Showtime," specially Vice Ganda.

"I miss MANILA :),"  "(Vice Ganda) love you and miss you to sis!!!!! Suuuuuupeeeeer!!!!."

Anne Curtis left her ABS-CBN noontime show last month because she want to pursue her dream but did not give any details.
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