The ninth eviction night has happened tonight as Pinoy Big Brother Teens Edition 4 finale is near. The remaining teen housemates are the nominated for this week, they are Myrtle, Ryan, Karen, Roy and the twin Joj & Jai. It's eight more days to go before the Teen Big Night.

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Sad to say but among the those nominated, there still only one evictee in every nominations and I'm sorry to tell this but "Alec Dungo," is the ninth evictee and failed to be one of the Teen BIG 4.

Alec Dungo, 18 years old. He is the “Chinito Gwapito of Laguna” is a pharmacy student at the University of Santo Tomas and a campus heartthrob who has joined numerous provincial and school pageants.

Goodbye for now Alec, let your journey continue outside the real world, hope you continue your studying.

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