According to the Netherlands Statistics, The Dutch consumers are the top online spenders in Europe. Seven out of ten Dutch people aged between 16 to 75 years-old used to shopped online in year 2011.

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The statistic reflects the continues increase of online shopping in the Netherlands, and places the Netherlands to the top online shoppers in the European Union.

As of 2011, most of the users around 16-75 years of age from Netherlands or rather 69 percent of them uses internet to bought goods and services for personal use. However, the percentage on United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark is slightly higher than them, while, Romania and Bulgaria have the lesser on online shoppers. As to European Union, they are the least who shops online, about four out ten people only in the same age as the first mentioned.

Shopping online has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in the last few years. Most of the item bought online are Travel tickets and holiday accommodation. Clothes, sports items, events tickets and books are other popular items.

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