Due to the recent violence in Syria, The Netherlands and other EU powers joined together to condemn the Syrian ambassador and declared as persona non grata. The victims of mass killing in the Houla region of Syria mostly are woman and children.

Image From: deccanchronicle.com

Volkskrant posted that "the ambassador is based in Brussels and cannot therefore be expelled,"  "foreign minister Uri Rosenthal called for a strong reaction from the international community following the bloodbath in Syria on Friday."

Minister Uri Rosenthal said in a statement, "It is impossible to continue to work with a country with such a president."  "I have therefore chosen to declare the ambassador persona non grata."

Volkskrant added, "The Netherlands closed its embassy in Damascus in March and supports opposition forces with technical and communications equipment."

Together with the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands took action against Syrian diplomats. They announced the expelling of Syrian ambassador following the Friday's massacre in the Houla region of Syria.

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