This is a great day for the white men with guitar. "Phillip Phillips" will be crown as the latest winner of the US hit reality talent search on television, "American Idol."

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It was a sad moment for a 16-year-old Filipina-Mexican singer Jessica Sanchez even she got high praise for her performance finale of “I Have Nothing” and “The Prayer.”

Phillip Phillips bested Jessica Sanchez after accumulating more than 130 million votes were cast during the voting period after Wednesday's final two performance show. It was a new record of votes according to host Ryan Seacrest.

According to the news, Phillips already got his victory after his first performance on the single, “Home,” the only finale performance that earned standing ovation from AI judges.

Meanwhile, Phillips did not finish his victory song "Home" as confetti fell on the stage and then he joined his family in the audience area.

By the way, here's the video of Phillip Phillips performance on "Home"

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