American Idol Season 11 last performance of the best of the two finalist this coming Wednesday night (U.S. Time). Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips will compete to each other to become the latest winner of "American Idol."

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Filipina-Mexican American finalist Jessica Sanchez is happy and excited because she will perform with Jennifer Holliday in the season finale of "American Idol."

Singer/actress Jennifer Holiday tweeted Jessica Sanchez about their upcoming performance this week and said, "My heart is filled with overwhelming joy!. It is a miracle from God that you and I will meet and sing together."

Some netizen said that the song they will sing is also the song choice of Jessica for the finale.

Meanwhile, Sanchez revealed that she and Philip will have a duet on the hit song "Love The Way You Lie," originally recorded by rapper Eminem and pop star Rihanna.

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