According to the major international survey for the health and welfare of children ages 11 to 15 years old, Dutch teens are the happiest person in Europe and more happier compared to American teens.

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Ducth teens like to go to school, having a lots of friends and with less involved in fights and bullying. Dutch teens have a good relationship with their parents and friends.

Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) survey shows that the Dutch teenagers drink less, smoke less and engage less in unsafe sex than most of their same ages in the 39 countries covered by the HBSC report. And being one of the top 10 five years ago.

The Dutch children are also healthy compared to other European and North American countries. Most of them have fewer ailments and less often on a diet than the other teens. They are also in the middle range in terms of exercise and sports.

HBSC survey shows that taking action to the social determinants of health inequalities in childhood and adolescence can help young people to maximize their health and well-being, where assuring that these inequalities do not extend up to adulthood, with all the potential negative consequences for individuals and society.

Meanwhile, Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children gathered a total of 200,000 children in 39 countries to be part of the survey.

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