A very terrible that was happened to Miami USA, a man who was allegedly under influence of drug called "Bath Salts" attacked the homeless man along the roadside of Miami. It was a cannibal attack! the victim was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Image From: news.com.au

There's a biker name Larry Vega the one who saw the incident and said to the reporter, "The guy -- he was like a zombie, blood dripping; it was intense."

Miami police spokesman said, "We are expecting a report from our detectives to give more details to the media. We are also looking for more witnesses to this crime."

Police added, "The victim remains in critical condition."

US police released images of both men, they are believed to have been naked.

The victim name is Ronald Poppo, 65-year-old and the attacker is Rudy Eugene, 31-year-old, who was shot dead by Miami police after chewed up the 75% percent of Poppo's face. Police were forced to shoot him down to stop his cannibal act.

Please watch this video below for more updates about the "Miami cannibal attack"
Video From: Youtube.com | vvolfsol0

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