GMA actress/host Heart Evangelista is now ready to move on after her breakup with boyfriend Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga. She said, "in life there's always change and I'm always ready for that."

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During the screening of the indie film "Busong" last Tuesday, Heart said, "Like I said in the beginning this relationship, we hoped for the best. But there's nothing certain in life there's always change and I'm always ready for that. Okay naman if this is the best for everybody and I wish everybody happiness."

She added, "We will all be fine I'd been down for so many times."

On the other hand, Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga believes that the "communication" is the reason of their breakup.

Matsunaga said, "I have nothing against Heart she's such a great person and I loved her so much. Everybody knows about it."

He added, "I think most of this was because of the communication. We Skype, the connection was very hard... Before I left we were together. She even went to our house to visit me before I left."

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