A sad story from a talented young musician Bethany Durose who was diagnosed from being diabetic, died after accidentally overdosing on insulin intake for her diabetes, few days before she was scheduled to perform on the X Factor auditions.

Image From: dailymail.co.uk

Bethany Durose, 17-year-old, knows how to play piano and clarinet, she also take a singing lessons from a professional opera singer in preparation for her performance on the TV reality talent show when the accident struck.

She was already given a slot to perform for the Manchester X Factor auditions in the next 5 days. However, she was found by her parents unconscious with extremely low blood sugar level so they rushed her to West Cumberland Hospital but sad to say she still died.

According to the report, "Bethany had struggled with her condition throughout her teenage years and 'hated' the fact she had diabetes."

Patrician Durose (Mother of Bethany) said, "her daughter was 'in denial' about the condition, and rather than taking regular injections, would prefer to administer a larger dose of insulin at the end of each day."

Director of NHS Diabetes Anna Morton said, "Diabetes is for life. People with diabetes need both clinical and emotional support to help them manage the everyday aspects of their condition."

She added, "The daily need for people with type one (insulin dependent) diabetes to monitor their blood sugar and give multiple, carefully-calculated insulin injections can be difficult at any age, but is particularly challenging for young people."

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