Woman tries to jump from bridge with her baby

After I watched the video (below) uploaded from Youtube, I could hardly says that this is a near death moment between a mother and a child. The video show of a young mother crying while holding her baby and trying to jump off a bridge.

Image From: Youtube.com video

This is a CCTV footage release from Guanghua bridge, showing the heart stopping moment of a police officer who saved the life of a woman and child.

Officer Qiao Jinhai, the police officer who saw the woman climbing over the barrier of the bridge and saved her with her child. While other passer-by go to them and help the police officer to pulled them out to safety.

According to police, problems at home had caused the woman to try and take her and her child's life.

Watch the video here to find out how the Chinese police help to saved the woman and child.
Video From: Youtube | telegraphtv

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