Few hours to go and we will all witness the announcement of the next Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) grand winner. This is really a must watch moment for all the interviewers, for the prizes mentioned by Big Brother (Kuya) himself are all big that will make us all spill the term "WOW!"

Image From: PEP.ph

Here are the prizes mentioned by Kuya a moment ago.

Big Winner - 2 Million, Sony Internet TV , Crystal Clear Negosyo Franchise, Asian Tour (2 person)
2nd Runner up - 1 Million from Jack n Jill, Appliance Showcase from Whirlpool and Fujidenzo
3rd runner up - P500K from Ace Hardware, Appliance Showcase from Whirlpool and Fujidenzo
4th runner up - P300K from Belo Medical Group, Appliance Showcase from Whirlpool and Fujidenzo

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Voting is now officially closed!


Big Winner  40.02% of Text Vote -  Big Winner - Jan Slater Young
2nd Placer 29.41% of Text Vote - 2nd Big Placer - Pamu Pamorada
3rd Placer 21.39% of Text Vote - 3rd Big Placer - Joseph Emil Biggel
4th Placer 17.10% of Text Vote - 4th Big Placer - Paco Evangelista

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