Another new luring scam that will promise you to get the non-existing Apple device "iPhone 5," if you follow. The scammer will ask their victims to answer the online survey on Facebook in exchange of iPhone 5, what a great deal?

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According to Sophos, a computer security firm that the "iPhone 5 scam" promise their victims to have the said device if he/she answer the survey.

“First of all, Apple has not announced an ‘iPhone 5’ yet, and the most recent iPhone (namely, the iPhone 4S) was announced just over five months ago in October, making it rather unlikely that Apple would already announce its replacement,” according to

And think about guys! Apple Inc. has no plan to give away their products for free, and most specially through Facebook.

But beware if you accidentally click the link, you must close it right away in order to prevent you from giving your personal information to them.

Sophos said, “Don’t fall for survey scams; they only waste time, lead to disappointment, and can expose your private information to fraudsters.”

And as usual, like other scam link, it was encrypted with JavaScript and it will lead you to potentially malicious websites.

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