Christopher Lao passed the 2011 bar exam

Who is Christopher Lao? He is the instant internet celebrity who have been become a victim of cyberbullying after his car drove into a flooded street last August. But after that he become star in one of the local bank insurance video advertisement.

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His famous dialogue, “I should have been informed, I should have been informed..."

Watch his acting performance like what he did in his real life incident and this is the insurance video advertisement about the car loan.

Video From: Youtube | bpiloans 

And now! another victory is yours, Christopher Lao passed the 2011 Bar Exam.

Lao twitted on his official Twitter account,

Christopher Lao

"Thank you all for the prayers and faith in me. Most of all, thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. your love is on display in my life right now :)"

Congratulations Christopher Lao!

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