This news was very alarming specially to those family who have a children with disabilities. The kidnap group called "Kidnap Pipi Gang" strike another victim who fortunately escaped from the said kidnap group and shared her story.

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ABS-CBN News reported that the girl was abducted near her school along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City last year.

The girl explained through sign language that she was forced to become beggar and sex slave for almost 3-months.

She said that there's also eight other children with disabilities who also work as what she does.

Meanwhile, The Philippine National Police (PNP) has formed a task group to hunt down members of the Kidnap Pipi Gang.

If you have other information about the said kidnap group and any abuse of children with disabilities, please report to the hotline numbers below:

[0919-7777-377 / 410-321]

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