NBI Reynaldo Esmeralda was ambushed

Last Tuesday night, February 21, 2012, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Deputy Chief Reynaldo Esmeralda was ambushed by the riding in tandem, according to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Leila de Lima said,“It happened so fast, according to him. In fact, his security attempted to fire back but weren’t able to do so because the tandem fled away.”

She said, "Esmeralda survived the attack by the gunmen, who were on a motorcycle."

NBI officials was wounded from shrapnel and glass fragments as they called Justice Secretary Leila de Lima at around 8 p.m. to inform what happen to them.

Those wounded NBI officials are now in stable condition according to their attending doctors in the Manila Doctors' Hospital.

Dr. Mario Juco said, “Mukhang stable naman sila. The wounds are only superficial but of course kailangan i-admit sila sa ospital for observation. Maybe additional tests will have to be done.”

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