Google Doodle on Valentine's Day

Today is February 14, 2012. Every couples are celebrating this event, the "Valentine's Day." Have you invited your spouse or girlfriend for a date? or you are planning to give her a Valentine's gift? Well, whatever your plan this Valentine's Day, do it with all of your heart and give the best that you can do.

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Search giant Google also celebrating the day of hearts. As you can see to their Google doodle, they made a short cartoon story that surely give you an idea on how to empress your crush or love one.

Valentine's Day is a traditional holiday that observed every 14th day on the month of February, it is originally came from the early Christian martyrs were named Saint Valentine, according to

Take note of this! Valentine's Day is not only every February 14 of the year, you can celebrate it everyday as long as you truly love her, Okay!

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