Facebook has 425 million mobile users

Social networking giant site Facebook is claiming that they have almost 425 million mobile users after 4-months when it started. With the help of great apps and games they reach that numbers naturally.

Image From: guardian.co.uk

Facebook mobile developer relations head James Pearce said in a blog post, “Four months later, Facebook has 425 million monthly mobile users - and the platform sends more than 60 million visitors every month to apps and games. Mobile visitors were responsible for more than 320 million visits to mobile apps last month.”

He said, "We have seen a rapid increase in visits for many types of apps and games using our social distribution channels - News Feed, bookmarks, requests and so on - a growth that is evident across both native and web apps."

And aside from that, many developers benefiting from Facebook platform apps specially to those who creating mobile "Open Graph" apps, according to Pearce.

What Open Graph do?

Open Graph allows apps to model user activities based on actions and objects. A running app may define the ability to “run” (action) a “route” (object). A reading app may define the ability to “read” (action) a “book” (object). A recipe app may define the ability to “cook” (action) to a “recipe” (object). Actions are verbs that users perform in your app. Objects define nouns that the actions apply to.

So if your Timeline apps integrates with Open Graph, you can start now sharing moments about your life through the use of actions and objects posted to Open Graph apps.

Pearce said, "And since many of the exciting activities in our lives happen while we are out and about, it is only natural that many of the interesting Timeline stories are those captured via mobile apps. These activities start discussions among friends that can drive more installs and engagement with the apps that make these conversations possible."

He said, "Across mobile and web, the Social Reader has benefited greatly from Open Graph, receiving more than 10 million visitors from Facebook every month, and beating its launch targets fivefold."

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