Dutch Prince Friso's health is still in serious condition

According to Austrian hospital officials, Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands is still in serious condition after being accidentally buried from avalanche (snow) while skiing last Friday, February 17, 2012.

Image From: thejournal.ie

His wife Princess Mabel visited him with Queen Beatrix in the hospital wearing black and dark glasses this Saturday, reported by the Telegraaf.

After the prince rescued from the 30-metre wide avalanche, the Doctors revived prince Johan and was rushed to the hospital in Innsbruck by helicopter. 

Luckily, Dr. Claudius Thome, Prince Friso's attending doctor said, "Friso does not have a skull fracture and no injuries to the rest of his body."

Due to a very long time resuscitation process, the prince might be artificially asleep for the next few days.

It was said that the Dutch royal family does skiing all the time at the Austrian resort of Lech, even though they've knowledge about the heavy snow and a code 4 avalanche warning was in force the prince still goes on his usual skiing hobby.

According to Michael Manhart who's responsible for security on many of the Lech pistes in an interview made by Austrian news agency APA said that the prince new what he was doing and it would be wrong to blame anyone else.

Manhart quoted saying, "Everyone who skis off piste must take responsibility for his own actions."

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