I think everyone is aware of how sickness attacks every people without notice. Due to the polluted environment and filthy surroundings. For this circumstances, you might want to know a prevention or rather a solution on how to fight this commodities. In this article you'll be reading, I am giving you a good hint for a healthy looking body inside and out.

I will be introducing an amazing food supplement or should I say herbal food supplement that I am personally using for a few months now and I can say with a definite word that this product is really effective.

This product is made out of organic barley grass that said to have 30x more vitamin B1 and 11x the amount of calcium than there is in cow’s milk, 6.5x as much carotene and nearly 5x the iron content of spinach, close to 7x the vitamin C in oranges, 4x the vitamin B1 in whole wheat flour, and 80 micrograms of vitamin B12 per 100 grams of dried barley plant juice.

Green Barley product is a total food that is the only vegetation on earth that can supply soul nutritional support from birth to old age.

Green Barley contains all the vitamins, minerals and protein necessary for the human diet plus chlorophyll. These necessities are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving our bodies access to vital nutrients.

For everyone's assurance, below is the BFAD Approval of the said product.

BFAD Approved – No. FR-64136

U.S. Food & Drug Administration finalized claims associating consumption of barley products with reduction of risk of coronary heart disease – FDA News, May 2006: Reason why barley manufacturers, including Green Barley – A Total Food do not have the “no approved therapeutic” label, unlike most herbal products.

Actually, this is the first time I ever endorse a herbal food supplement. For this product made my blood sugar and blurring eyes normalize. Not only that, I lose many pounds in my weight after taking this product. My waist before I've taken Green Barley is 45 inches. I've started drinking Green Barley last November 2010, after 3 months of taking it before my meal my waist line drop down into 32 inches.

As you can see my image below, my so called "before and after" photo's, you can judge if my testimony above is a false endorsement.
This is me way back September 2010

This is me taken last February 27, 2011

For users of green barley found out that it is useful as an aid in weight loss and good for the heart, healing of ulcers, correcting blood sugar problems and, most of all, as a general tonic. Same thing that had happened to me.

Try it now! For more information about the products kindly contact this number +63 9198008332 | +63 9153503931 or email at brandzeus@yahoo.com or at eurinie04@yahoo.com

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