Sorry Guys! specially to all my colleague who pray everyday for that day of Chinese New Year to become a non-working holiday. Because Chinese New Year on February 3 is a Regular Working Day.

President Benigno Aquino III disapproved the proposal of the Chinese New Year to become holiday, because the list of holidays for 2011 has already been issued.

Aquino said in a text message, "This proposal, though we want to adopt it, unfortunately came after the issuance of the executive order on holidays. The consensus is all businesses have already adjusted to it plus the daily wage earners under no work no pay scheme will be adversely affected. We hope to include this next year.”

The Philippine Officials Holidays for 2011 is based on existing laws under Proclamation No. 84 signed by President Aquino last December 20, 2010.


  1. kuya csseyah! wala ang hirap! hindi pa tapos po yung exam namain meron pang test sa sabado ai huhu...

  2. huhuhuhuhu :( PiNoy.. inconsiderate...

  3. @ halojin .. kaya mo yan ikaw pa :) taas din ng IQ mo eh like idol Jehz hehehe

    @ nursingmania .. tsk tsk tsk sayang talaga may plan pa naman me that date.. hay work work pa rin...


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