Pops Fernandez in her Photo Scandal

Are you looking for photo of Pops Fernandez? or I say Pop Fernandez nude photo? Pops photo has spread like a virus over the net, but do you think it is true? If someone out there who want to destroy the concert queen pops fernandez by proliferating the photo of Pops, well, it's a fake.

They may have been estranged for a long time now but singer Pops Fernandez can still count on ex-husband Martin Nievera to defend her when she gets into controversy of nude photo scandal.

See this above images of pops nude photo, What do you think?

I decided to delete the images above because it's not appropriate for my site.. Just search it to Google if you want to see the edited photo of Pops Fernandez.

Professional graphic artist Edward Lizada also doubts the nude photo’s authenticity. Given the technology today, Edward said it's easy to manipulate photos and make them appear these are of celebrities.

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