I received this alphabet love text message of course from my one and only love of my heart. Lulu. She send this love text message and I find it interesting. So finally, I decided to put it here so everybody GF's fan can relate too. So here it is, The "Alphabet Love Text Message".

Boy: ABC

Girl: Huh!!!??

Boy: Always Be Careful

Girl: and????

Boy: DEFG - Don't Ever Forget Girl

Girl: Are u?? WhATTT???

Boy: HI - Happy Inlove

Girl: En so????

Boy: JKLM  - Just Keep Loving Me

Girl: So how about.. NOPQRSTUVWXYZ?

Boy: (Thinking) - No Other Person Quite Risonable Shall Trit U Very Wel Xceptme, You'll Zee.

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