Where would the Cat go - Up or Down?? #catgate

There are lots of pictures on the internet today that goes viral because it's psychologically meaningful, but this one certain picture that I am about to show you will not just give your mind doubtful on your first choice of answer but will give you a bunch of clueless possible answer on where this cute lil' chubby cat about to go.

Where would the Cat go - Up or Down? #Catgate

We all know that 9gag had been a viral website because of funny and meaningful videos and pictures they always post on their website,and one of it is the image I'ved posted below where a black-gray-white cat is walking on a stair. But because of the way the picture was taken, you wouldn't really know if the cats is going down or going up.

It's not about the dress, now it's #Catgate... up or down?

The said optical illusion made a big buzz online. People are debating if its gonna go down or gonna go up. The picture of the #catgate really made everyone excited to know the real answer on this picture.

Interesting answer came from a certain Facebook User named Alfredo Rochefort Ciscutti saying,  “It's going down. When cats go down the stairs, they raise their tail to maintain balance. When they go up, the tails remain down cause balance isn't an issue.”

I personally answer down on this one, I base it on the way the cat steps. How about you? Is it up or down?

Let me know your answer via the comment section below. Thank You.

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