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Philippine Airlines (PAL) opens 1800 jobs

Our flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced that they having a mass hiring for 1,800 job openings for ground services and customer service agent positions. SkyLogistics and SkyKitchens firms needed highly skilled workers.

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SkyLogistics and SkyKitchens president Rory Jon Sepulveda said, “Currently, we have two batches of ground equipment operators who are undergoing intensive training. They have to undergo the training before we can allow them to operate the different machines that attach to the aircraft.”

SkyLogistics and SkyKitchen are in urgent need of the following:
Drivers to operate ground-handling equipment such as tugs and cargo loaders
Customer Service agents to man the check-in and reservation counters.

Sepulveda said, “SkyGroup is proud that in the few days that it officially began serving PAL flights, the airline’s on-time performance and schedule reliability have greatly improved.”

Sepulveda added, “We are now aggressively screening and processing applications to fill up these positions. There are also ex-PALEAns who come to the office daily to apply for jobs.”

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