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Smart ALWAYS ON - Smart Always On Plans 300 20 30 500 750 995

Good News! to all GF readers, Here's the newest SMART Buddy latest promo. The Smart "ALWAYS ON". You can now do Mobile Internet anytime, anywhere and gets more affordable plans to SMART Always On packages. You can stay online for up to 30 days with 250mb of consumable data. Kaya sure na sure ang updates ng status mo araw araw sa Facebook at Twitter sa presyong kayang-kaya!

You can do...
1,500,000 tweets or
15, 000 Facebook posts or
15, 000 E-mails
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Stay online always with ALWAYS ON 300! Text ON 300 and send to 2200 now.

Always On Plans*:
Always On 20P2025 MB1 dayON 202200
Always On 30P3050 MB1 dayON 30
Always On 300P300250 MB30 daysON 300
Always On 500P500500 MB30 daysON 500
Always On 750P7501 GB30 daysON 750
Always On 995P9952GB30 daysON 995

If you want to calculate the right Always On plan for you just click here

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