Marian Rivera in her newest TV Commercial (Video)

MAXI-PEEL is the country's leading skin care brand in the exfoliant category. It also delivers significant whitening and prevents formation of dark spots. The current TV Commercial of MAXI-PEEL still leads by Marian Rivera but this time she goes top-less.

Watch the video below about Marian Rivera Topless Maxi-Peel TV Commercial.
Video From: Youtube /simplemadebrilliant

Brief History of Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera was born as Marian Gracia Rivera on August 12, 1984 in Madrid, Spain. She is a Filipina actress and occasional singer-dancer. Her first TV role came in 2005 via TAPE Inc.'s afternoon drama, Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako in the lead that was aired in GMA Network. In 2007 she was cast for the title role in the Philippine remake of MariMar. She released two studio albums Marian Rivera Dance Hits and Retro Crazy sold 75,000 copies. She currently signed with GMA Network.

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