National Bible Week 2011 - National Bible Sunday

Today is a celebration of National Bible Week (NBW), which culminates in the observance of National Bible Sunday (NBS) on January 30, 2011, seeks to encourage Filipinos to read, reflect, study, and live daily by the Word of God. This year’s theme, inspired by Psalm 8:3-6, is “May They Be One: Becoming One Nation in the Stewardship of Creation.’’

Organizers of the NBW have planned to integrate the Handwritten Unity Bible Project (HUBP) into the celebration. This project aims to spread love for the Word of God and promote the spirit of bayanihan among Christians.

Launched on July 11, 2010 during 101st Catholic Bishops’ Conference, the HUBP has gathered Filipino Catholics and Protestants to work together to create a handwritten Bible that will contain the English version on one column, in the other, one of the eight local languages, including Tagalog and Cebuano.

Several presidential proclamations have recognized the importance of the Scriptures as a rich source of principles and values, prescribed the reading and study of the Bible to help shape and strengthen the spiritual, moral, and social fiber or Filipinos, and encouraged carrying on the tradition of using the Sacred Book as a standard for governance.

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