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What is Vaginal Lock - Penis Captivus

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence in intercourse phenomenon, it's happened when the man stuck inside the woman after her vaginal muscles suddenly clamp down. Sometimes the man is unable to withdraw even after he loses his erection, it requires medical help and need to send the couple to the hospital to separate them.

"Medical specialties disagree about whether the phenomenon known as penis captivus is real. Although there have been sporadic reports of allegedly real cases, many specialists feel that vaginal spasms severe enough to cause penis captivus are extremely unlikely, and that the male partner would be able to withdraw his penis once it was sufficiently relaxed. An oft-cited medical journal report of an actual case of penis captivus, published in 1884, was a hoax," as reported by Snopes.

Vaginal lock is a vaginal muscles that clamp down to holds a man's penis so firmly together that they lock inseparably in sexual intercourse.


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